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The Truths on Down Payment Loans

One of the largest Hurdles for purchasing a home is Down Payment. The (government) back agencies such as FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who basically write all the underwriting guidelines to approve your mortgage, Only allow you to borrow a down payment from a Comunity second program thru local government or non-profit organization. That is basically why you do not see an advertisement for a down payment loan, you have to be a non-profit or from local Government to give one so that your loan would be approved for the new home because of where you got your down payment. Underwriters will review your bank statement for 60-day history of the account and what they are looking for is large unexplained deposits such as you borrowed money for a down payment.

Chenoa Fund Loan Program allows a borrower to get in a home without having to Provide a down payment. The Chenoa Loan Program follows FHA guidelines for qualifications for easy approval, Minimum 620 Credit is needed (other programs are available to 580 credit) and it is easy to tell if you would be approved in a couple of minutes by an approved lender. Best thing there is no Income cap for this program. This program also allows the borrower to have more buying power, …. to purchase a larger home than a normal DPA program.

This program is offered in conjunction with an FHA Loan. The Chenoa Fund is only offered by approved local lenders, Its breaking new ground by exploring the limits on 100% CLTV financing. With this program, the customer is not having to put thousands of dollars down to purchase a home. By using these programs you as a customer won’t have to wipe out your savings to become a homeowner. These programs are designed to help you achieve the American dream of homeownership.

Top 5 reasons Chenoa is the best program?

1. The borrower has no down payment out of pocket.

2. NO income cap. No restrictions on maximum income.

3. More Buying Power without income restrictions.

4. Minimum Credit Score 620

5. 30 years FHA fixed-rate financing, for lower monthly payment.

Comunity Programs Second Loans  

Comunity Program such as Home in 5 and Pathway to purchase are great Programs. except for the fact that they limit you on debt to income, which will lower your buying power, which in turn will have you buying the home you qualify for and not the one you want.

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Chenoa Down Payment Program

Frequently asked: 

Why do they have Down Payment Assistance programs, The Housing market is responsible for generating 25% of all jobs in our economy. So if you have a strong housing market, you have job growth.

  1. No application fee to get you Pre-Approved with program
  2. Less than perfect credit can qualify (620 Needed)
  3. Programs to fit many income ranges ( No income cap).
  4. No income restrictions.
  5. Veterans, Active Military, Teachers,  Police,  First Responders, are all Welcome!
  6. First time home buyers benefits are available.
  7. Situation …? Yes they will allow for some situations

“See What Our Customers Say ?”

Tammy G

“When we decided to purchase a house we had no ideal what we were doing. My loan officer was very helpful and took the time to tell us what needed to be done credit wise to get approved. Once we were approved he would call and check in or if we needed any help . when you have a good loan officer it makes the process go smooth. i would defiantly recommend Stu Harris and Ryan Harris. “

Inkosi K

My wife and I were in the middle of trying to secure a mortgage with another lender for the better part of 2 months when all of sudden the wheels fell off without any notice. We felt our home ownership dreams had been unexpectedly dashed while at the same time leaving a sour taste in our mouth concerning how we were treated by the previous lender. However, after all of this I can proudly say my wife and I are home owners again in no small part due to Stu Harris. He took over our loan process and very professionally and expeditiously closed on our home loan within 3 weeks. My wife and I are extremely grateful to Stu and his team for helping to provide a family home for us. A place we can again enjoy holidays together with our family. P.S. Looking forward to Thanksgiving with the kids and the grandchildren. Thank you again Stu.

Ruben B

 They gave me everything I wanted and more! Highly Recommend!

Sabrina M


I had not been a homeowner for the last 13 years, and besides being a bit nervous at taking such a huge step towards home ownership, I also needed a lot of direction on just where to begin the process. From the onset, Stu and Ryan made the process easy, comfortable, and never left me feeling confused or left hanging on any questions or concerns I had. The experience of buying a home was made so much easier because of their expertise, knowledge, and personal touches.
I am happy to recommend them to anyone who is interested in buying a home.

John N

 I hate doing mortgages, but that changed with Stu. He called me all the time to give me updates, my loan was finished AHEAD OF TIME, and every thing was exactly as he said. Rate, payment and all of it was 100% honest. I know my loan was alot of work, and i wanted to write to say how thankful my wife an I are Stu. Again, thank you!

Kenny D

I highly recommend Stu Harris he has bent over backward to achieve my dream home. Many thx Stu for your help.

 “As a licensed Realtor in metro Phoenix, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stu Harris on a few transactions and he is very professional and easy to work with. I appreciate his calm demeanor and Stu is a good problem solver to get the loan back on track when there is a delay in processing. He will roll up his sleeves and get involved to make things run as smoothly as possible for his clients. When I send my clients to Stu, I know he will take good care of them and that is one less thing I need to worry about.”

Kevin From Phoenix

 They made everything so easy. I did not even have to go to their offices till I was ready to close. They do this electronic signature where they walked me through all the forms over the phone and I signed them with my computer.

Bill from Tempe


I want to thank “Jessie” my DPA Advisor  I thought that I would never be able to buy a home after My bankruptcy and he got it done. I was amazed that after everything I moved in the home for $5.37 cents. The title company Gave me a check at closing for my earnest money deposit that I had given the seller to hold and a second check to cover all but $5  of the appraisal fee. So for the cost of lunch at Mc D’s, $5 I moved into my home.

William From Chandler

This is a Great Program, I bought the home I was renting and it was 45 days before my first payment was due. It was like skipping a rent payment and right at the Holidays. Now I am buying something that will be mine and just as they said… $135 was my total out of pocket cost to buy the home and my payment are less than my rent. I could hardly believe it!!

Mark from Tempe

 “I thought I made too much money to qualify for Down Payment Assistance”

Rachel from Mesa

 I want to thank you so much, without you showing me how to get this loan and Grant money, I would still be renting. Everything went so smooth, and they kept me informed the whole way. I closed on my home in May and the fees were exactly what they told me they were. I really got a great deal on my house because of my realtor Scott. We were closed in 20 days. All my friend ask me how I got the money for the down payment, I just let them know these guys are “Home Pros” and have all the answers.

Katherine From Chandler

 Well I want to Thank Stu He was my Advisor, He was very professional to work with. I have to Say that I had skepticism going into this home purchase and that I would be approved for this Gov. Grant and did not have to repay the Grant. I thought that there would be additional hoops to jump through and long processing time. Well I was wrong, this is a very well Orchestrated operation and I was closed in 27days after finding my home. They handled everything, they worked with my realtor to have the seller pay my closing cost. I got my earnest money back at closing. All I can say is Thank you!

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Chenoa Down Payment Program


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